Incident 570: Facebook Messenger AI Stickers Generate Ethical and Content Moderation Concerns

Description: Facebook Messenger AI stickers, a feature by Meta, allows users to generate personalized stickers via AI for use in conversations. While the feature has been praised for its creativity, it has also stirred controversy for its alleged production of inappropriate or offensive content. This has raised questions about the effectiveness of Meta's content moderation measures and the ethical responsibilities associated with AI-driven content generation.


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Alleged: Meta developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Facebook Messenger users.

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Daniel Atherton
Facebook’s new AI-generated stickers are lewd, rude, and occasionally nude · 2023

Some early user tests for Meta’s new AI-generated sticker tool have resulted in some dubious (and rather hilarious) creations. After gaining access to the new AI-generated sticker tool on Facebook Messenger, X user @Pioldes was able to crea…


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