Incident 497: DoNotPay Allegedly Misrepresented Its AI "Robot Lawyer" Product

Description: DoNotPay was alleged in a class action lawsuit misleading customers and misrepresenting its product as an AI-powered "robot lawyer," citing such as that the product has no law degree, or is supervised by any lawyer.


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Alleged: DoNotPay developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Jonathan Faridian and DoNotPay customers.

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Khoa Lam

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'Robot lawyer' DoNotPay not fit for purpose, says complaint · 2023

"Robot lawyer" DoNotPay is headed back to court – and not to prove its merits as a legally inclined chatbot. It's being sued for practicing law in California without a license.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this month but only released publicl…

DoNotPay, the 'Robot Lawyer,' Is Being Sued · 2023

The startup behind the “world’s first robot lawyer,” DoNotPay, is gearing up for one of its first big court battles. And this time it probably can’t just back out of the case, as DoNotPay is the defendant. The company is facing a class acti…


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