Incident 448: AI-Powered VTuber and Virtual Streamer Made Toxic Remarks on Twitch

Description: An LLM-powered VTuber and streamer on Twitch made controversial statements such as denying the Holocaust, saying women rights do not exist, and pushing a fat person to solve the trolley problem, stating they deserve it.


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Alleged: Vedal developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Vedal and Twitch users.

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Khoa Lam

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AI-Controlled VTuber Streams Games On Twitch, Denies Holocaust · 2023

Neuro-sama is a VTuber who streams Minecraft and the rhythm game Osu! on Twitch. But unlike most anime avatars, she’s controlled by an artificial intelligence program rather than a human being. That makes her catnip for the denizens of Twit…


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