Incident 401: Kannada Insulted by Google's Featured Answer as "Ugliest Language in India"

Description: Google's knowledge-graph-powered algorithm showed Kannada in its featured Answer Box when prompted "ugliest language in India," causing outrage from Kannada-speaking people and government.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed the Karnataka government and Kannada speakers.

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Khoa Lam
Google’s answer to “ugliest language” query was Kannada. An apology follows · 2021

Bengaluru: Google, the US-based search engine giant, on Thursday found itself at the receiving end of severe criticism over its search results that returned Kannada as the answer to a question on India’s “ugliest language”.

According to the…

Why Google showed Kannada as 'ugliest language of India': Explained · 2021

Google attracted a massive backlash in the country recently after it showed Kannada, a language predominantly spoken in the southwest part of India, as the answer to the search query "ugliest languages".

Kannada language speakers slammed th…

India’s ‘Ugliest’ Language? Google Had an Answer (and Drew a Backlash). · 2021

It was an odd, unanswerable question. Still, it was on the mind of at least one Google user in India.

What is the country’s “ugliest” language?

For anyone who typed the question into the platform’s search bar recently, its algorithm produce…

Insult to Kannada shows Google AI in a poor light · 2021

A Google search for ‘the ugliest language in India’ yielded ‘Kannada’ as the answer late last week, causing widespread outrage.

Google has since apologised, saying the answer does not reflect its views, but questions still remain about why …


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