Incident 379: Error in Pepsi's Number Generation System Led to Decades-Long Damages in the Philippines

Description: Pepsi's number generation system determining daily winners in its Number Fever promotion in the Philippines mistakenly produced a number held by thousands which resulted in riots, deaths, conspiracy theories, and decades of lawsuits.


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Alleged: D.G. Consultores developed an AI system deployed by Pepsi, which harmed Filipinos.

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Khoa Lam
The Computer Error That Led to a Country Declaring War on Pepsi · 2018

On May 25, 1992, the Channel 2 News program in Manila, Philippines aired a segment that had been running since February of that year. Each night, the station alerted viewers to the day’s winning number in Pepsi’s Number Fever promotion. Buy…

Pepsi-Cola's Number Fever Fiasco: How the Media Portrays the Actors of a Crisis · 2021

In 1992, Pepsi created a marketing ploy to increase interest in its products in the Philippines. The game was aptly called “Number Fever,” and participants had to look at the number printed underneath the cap of their soft drink bottle and …


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