Incident 364: Walmart's Bagging-Detection False Positives Exposed Workers to Health Risk

Description: Walmart's theft-deterring bagging-detection system allegedly exposed workers to health risks during the coronavirus pandemic when its false positives prompted workers to unnecessarily step in to resolve the issue.


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Alleged: Everseen developed an AI system deployed by Walmart, which harmed Walmart employees.

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Khoa Lam

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Self-Checkout Headaches May Be Putting Walmart Workers Too Close To Shoppers · 2020

When Walmart began rolling out a new theft-deterrence system three years ago, the retail giant hoped it would improve the self-checkout experience for shoppers while saving the company money.

The artificial-intelligence-based system, develo…


A "variant" is an incident that shares the same causative factors, produces similar harms, and involves the same intelligent systems as a known AI incident. Rather than index variants as entirely separate incidents, we list variations of incidents under the first similar incident submitted to the database. Unlike other submission types to the incident database, variants are not required to have reporting in evidence external to the Incident Database. Learn more from the research paper.