Incident 145: Tesla's Autopilot Misidentified the Moon as Yellow Stop Light

Description: Tesla's Autopilot was shown on video by its owner mistaking the moon for a yellow stop light, allegedly causing the vehicle to keep slowing down.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Tesla drivers.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam
Video showing moon interpreted as yellow stop light · 2021

Hey @elonmusk you might want to have your team look into the moon tricking the autopilot system. The car thinks the moon is a yellow traffic light and wanted to keep slowing down. 🤦🏼 @Teslarati @teslaownersSV @TeslaJoy

Tesla's Full Self-Driving tech keeps getting fooled by the moon, billboards, and Burger King signs · 2021

A viral tweet showed a Tesla confusing the moon for a yellow traffic light.

The company's Full Self-Driving tech has made similar mistakes before.

Owners say their cars have been fooled by billboards and Burger King signs.

Tesla CEO Elon Mu…

We tried Tesla's 'full self-driving.' Here's what happened · 2021

Washington, DC (CNN)When a dozen small children crossed in front of our Tesla with "full self-driving," I had good reason to be nervous.

I'd spent my morning so far in the backseat of the Model 3 using "full self-driving," the system that T…


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