Incident 675: Racist and Antisemitic Deepfake Audio Mimicking School Principal Fabricated by Athletic Director

Description: The athletic director of Pikesville High School in Baltimore used AI to create a deepfake audio clip that mimicked the school principal, incorporating racist and antisemitic remarks. The clip, aimed at discrediting the principal, spread widely, resulting in threats and administrative leave for the principal.


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Daniel Atherton

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School Employee Arrested After Racist Deepfake Recording of Principal Spreads · 2024

A high school athletic director in the Baltimore area was arrested on Thursday after the police said he used artificial intelligence software to manufacture a racist and antisemitic audio clip that impersonated the school's principal.


Baltimore high school athletic director used AI to create fake racist recording of principal, authorities say · 2024

A Baltimore high school athletic director was arrested and charged Thursday with using artificial intelligence to impersonate a principal on a voice recording that included derogatory comments about students and staff, authorities said.


Baltimore principal’s racist rant was an AI fake. His colleague was arrested. · 2024

The 42-second voice recording, purportedly of a Maryland high school principal in the midst of a racist rant, derided Black students as "ungrateful" and unable to "test their way out of a paper bag."

"I'm just so sick of the inadequacies of…


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