Incident 655: Scams Reportedly Impersonating Wealthy Investors Proliferating on Facebook

Description: Scams are reportedly proliferating throughout Facebook impersonating wealthy individuals such as Bill Ackman, Cathie Wood, Steve Cohen, Peter Lynch, and Ray Dalio. In some cases, it seems deepfake technology is being employed, while simultaneously Facebook's own AI systems are allegedly faltering in their ability to halt the spread of these fraudulent ads despite being reported.


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Alleged: Meta and Facebook developed an AI system deployed by Meta , Facebook and scammers, which harmed Investors , General public , Bill Ackman , Cathie Wood , Steve Cohen , Peter Lynch , Ray Dalio and Peter Bourget.

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Daniel Atherton
Phony Billionaires on Facebook Are Scamming Americans Out of Their Life Savings · 2024

Bill Ackman is fighting a losing battle against Bill Ackman. Impostors posing as the billionaire hedge-fund manager on Facebook keep luring hapless investors into stock-market scams—and the real Ackman has been powerless to stop them.



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