Incident 540: Tesla Failed to Yield to Detected Pedestrian on Crosswalk, Reportedly Violated Traffic Law

Description: A Tesla on FSD Beta 11.4.1 was shown on video not yielding to a pedestrian detected by the car, reportedly violating the state law sign which was also in the video saying vehicles having to yield to pedestrian within crosswalk.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed pedestrians.

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Khoa Lam
Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” sees pedestrian, chooses not to slow down · 2023

Tesla released a new version of its controversial "Full Self-Driving Beta" software last month. Among the updates in version 11.4 are new algorithms determining the car's behavior around pedestrians. But alarmingly, a video posted to Twitte…

Self-driving Tesla doesn’t yield for pedestrian. Tesla fan cheers. · 2023

A seven-second self-driving Tesla video posted to Twitter this past weekend shows a likely illegal driving event in San Francisco that, unfortunately, happens all the time in ordinary situations. It’s the poster’s reaction that has left man…

Tesla’s self-driving car ignores pedestrian, fans applaud. · 2023

A video of a self-driving Tesla has caused controversy after it appeared to show the car failing to yield to a pedestrian in San Francisco. The seven-second clip, posted on Twitter by Whole Mars Catalog, shows the Tesla edging towards the p…

No, It's Not Amazing That A Tesla Using FSD Blew Through A Crosswalk · 2023

Recently, a Tesla fan account shared a video of a Tesla using so-called Full Self-Driving on a two-lane road. As the video plays, you can see the car approach a marked crosswalk. On the center screen, the car’s sensors detect a pedestrian c…

Watch Tesla's FSD Beta 11.4.1. Ignore Pedestrian On Marked Crosswalk · 2023

A short video of a Tesla with Full Self-Driving activated is doing the rounds online, adding more controversy to the ADAS that has received more than its fair share of criticism ever since its first deployment in October 2020.

The footage s…


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