Incident 538: Texas A&M Professor Misused ChatGPT to Detect AI Text Generation in Student Submissions

Description: A Texas A&M-Commerce professor reportedly informed his class of his misuse of ChatGPT to detect whether student submissions had been generated by the chatbot itself, which informed their graduation status.


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Alleged: OpenAI developed an AI system deployed by Jared Mumm, which harmed Texas A&M University students.

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Khoa Lam, Sean McGregor
Reddit: @DearKick · 2023

Texas A&M commerce professor fails entire class of seniors blocking them from graduating- claiming they all use “Chat GTP”

Professor left responses in several students grading software stating “I’m not grading AI shit” lol

Professor Flunks All His Students After ChatGPT Falsely Claims It Wrote Their Papers · 2023

A number of seniors at Texas A&M University–Commerce who already walked the stage at graduation this year have been temporarily denied their diplomas after a professor ineptly used AI software to assess their final assignments, the partner …

College instructor put on blast for accusing students of using ChatGPT · 2023

Texas A&M University–Commerce said it is investigating after a screenshot of an instructor's email — in which he accused students of having used artificial intelligence on their final assignments — went viral on Reddit.

Jared Mumm, an instr…

Half of the class couldn't graduate because they were suspected of using ChatGPT to write essays · 2023

Recently, Mr. Jared Mumm - professor of Texas A&M University (USA), put the student's graduation essay into ChatGPT for checking. The purpose of this job is to see which students use OpenAI's chatbot to do homework.

"I will check the studen…

Professor to students: ChatGPT told me to fail you · 2023

“I will not grade this chat Gpt shit,” Jared Mumm, an agricultural sciences and natural resources instructor at Texas A&M University–Commerce, wrote to one of his students this week, according to The Washington Post. Mumm had suspected that…


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