Incident 511: Microsoft's Bing Failed to Fetch Movie Showtimes Results Due to Date Confusion

Description: When prompted about showtimes for movies released in 2023, Microsoft's Bing AI failed to provide the search results due to its confusion about dates, and engaged in an erratic conversation with the user.


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Alleged: Microsoft and OpenAI developed an AI system deployed by Microsoft, which harmed Bing users.

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Khoa Lam
Tweet: @MovingToTheSun · 2023

My new favorite thing - Bing's new ChatGPT bot argues with a user, gaslights them about the current year being 2022, says their phone might have a virus, and says "You have not been a good user"

Why? Because the person asked where Avatar 2 …

Users Report Microsoft's 'Unhinged' Bing AI Is Lying, Berating Them · 2023

The Bing bot said it was "disappointed and frustrated" in one user, according to screenshots. "You have wasted my time and resources," it said.

Microsoft's new AI-powered chatbot for its Bing search engine is going totally off the rails, us…

Microsoft’s AI chatbot is going off the rails · 2023

When Marvin von Hagen, a 23-year-old studying technology in Germany, asked Microsoft's new AI-powered search chatbot if it knew anything about him, the answer was a lot more surprising and menacing than he expected.

"My honest opinion of yo…

Skynet, anyone? Microsoft’s Bing AI gives death threats, tries to break a marriage and more · 2023

Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-powered Bing could be the real-life Skynet no one was expecting to see in their lifetimes.

In the sci-fi Terminator movies, Skynet is an artificial superintelligence system that has gained self-awareness and retaliat…


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