Incident 462: AI-Produced Livestream Sitcom Received Temporary Twitch Ban for Transphobic Segment

Description: The AI-produced, procedural generated sitcom broadcasted as a Twitch livestream "Nothing, Forever" received a temporary ban for featuring a transphobic and homophobic dialogue segment intended as comedy.


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Alleged: Stability AI and OpenAI developed an AI system deployed by Mismatch Media, which harmed Twitch users , transgender communities and LGBTQ communities.

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Khoa Lam
AI-generated Seinfeld parody banned on Twitch over transphobic standup bit · 2023

An AI-generated Seinfeld show has been banned from the streaming platform Twitch for at least 14 days after a transphobic and homophobic standup bit aired during the show.

Nothing, Forever, a 24/7 version and AI-generated parody of the popu…

Twitch's Popular AI-Powered Seinfeld Show Gets Banned For Transphobia · 2023

In an unfortunate turn of events, the AI Seinfeld show that’s been all over Twitch has been hit with the ban hammer for some terribly transphobic “jokes.”

Created by the media lab Mismatch Media, Nothing, Forever has captivated the internet…

AI-Generated 'Seinfeld' Show 'Nothing Forever' Banned on Twitch After Transphobic Standup Bit · 2023

“Nothing, Forever,” the infinitely-generating AI version of Seinfeld that tens of thousands of people were watching has been banned for 14 days from Twitch after Larry Feinberg—a clone of Jerry Seinfeld—made transphobic statements during a …

AI generated an endless ‘Seinfeld’ parody — until it made transphobic jokes · 2023

The scene is a familiar one to any '90s sitcom fan: Jerry Seinfeld in front of a microphone, riffing to a crowd during a stand-up routine.

But it isn't Seinfeld. The figure onstage, "Larry Feinberg," is a pixelated approximation of the famo…

More Seinfeld Than Seinfeld Itself · 2023

Since the hit sitcom Seinfeld went off the air in 1998 after nine seasons, the show’s devoted followers have long mused about an alternate reality: What if the original “show about nothing” had never ended?

Now they’ve gotten what they wish…


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