Incident 460: Cruise AV Ran Over Fire Hose in Active Fire Scene

Description: A Cruise AV ran over a fire hose that was being used in an active firefighting area.


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Alleged: Cruise developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed San Francisco firefighters and San Francisco Fire Department.

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Khoa Lam
Protest of Cruise LLC Tier 2 Advice Letter · 2023

Emergency Responder Incidents

In San Francisco comments on the Draft CPUC Resolution to approve the Cruise initial advice letter, San Francisco informed the Commission of an incident on April 5, 2022 when a Cruise AV stopped in a travel lan…

San Francisco police back the fire chief's complaint about robotaxis interfering with first responders · 2023

San Francisco is in an uproar over robotaxis’ persistent interference with firefighters, police officers and other emergency medical personnel.

The city’s fire chief called attention Thursday to the potentially dangerous encounters between …


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