Incident 446: ShotSpotter Failed to Alert Authorities of Mass Shooting in North Carolina

Description: ShotSpotter did not detect gunshots and alert Durham police of a drive-by shooting in Durham, North Carolina which left five people in hospital on New Year's Day.


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Alleged: ShotSpotter developed an AI system deployed by Durham Police Department, which harmed Durham Police Department , mass shooting victims and Durham residents.

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Khoa Lam
Why didn't ShotSpotter sensors notify Durham police of weekend's mass shooting? · 2023

DURHAM, N.C. — ShotSpotter technology has been available for only two weeks in parts of Durham -- but didn't activate during a mass shooting over the weekend.

WRAL News spent the day looking into why the ShotSpotter didn't activate.

The sho…

Durham’s gunshot detection software didn’t detect drive-by shooting. Here’s why. · 2023

The newly installed ShotSpotter system did not alert on a drive-by shooting that put five people in the hospital on New Year's Day, revealing limitations of the gunfire detection software being piloted in the Bull City.

"We did not receive …

Controversial ShotSpotter technology failed to notify police of New Year’s Day drive-by shooting in Durham · 2023

A controversial gunfire detection software that Durham is piloting failed to notify police after a drive-by shooting outside of a Subway restaurant in east Durham on Jan. 1.

One juvenile and one adult were hospitalized with serious injuries…

Durham Police did not receive ShotSpotter alerts in recent deadly shootings, officers say · 2023

DURHAM. N.C. (WNCN) — The Durham Police Department hopes ShotSpotter will help officers quickly respond to gunfire. The sensors pick up gunshots and automatically alert officers.

CBS 17 has learned police did not receive automatic ShotSpott…

Controversial ShotSpotter gunshot detection technology failed to pick up two recent deadly shootings in Durham · 2023

A pair of deadly shootings recently went undetected by ShotSpotter, the controversial gunshot detection technology currently being piloted by the city of Durham. A spokesperson for the Durham Police Department told CBS17 that police did not…


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