Incident 429: Unreliable ShotSpotter Audio Convicted Black Rochester Man of Shooting Police

Description: ShotSpotter's "unreliable" audio was used as scientific evidence to accuse and convict a Black man of attempting to shoot Rochester's city police, whose conviction was later reversed by a county judge.


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Alleged: ShotSpotter developed an AI system deployed by Rochester Police Department, which harmed Silvon Simmons.

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Khoa Lam
Is shot spotter reliable enough? Critics question human equation behind technology · 2017

For Rochester police, the gunfire detection system known as ShotSpotter has been a valuable tool, alerting them to possible shootings and speeding up the police response time.

But, more than that, the system — which tries to locate gunfire …

Judge tosses conviction of man accused of shooting at cop · 2018

In a courtroom full of blue, with dozens of uniformed Rochester police officers watching, a judge Thursday reversed the criminal conviction of a man once accused of attempting to murder a city police officer.

County Court Judge Christopher …

A cop shoots a Black man and a city resumes battle with police union · 2020

By the time Officer Joseph Ferrigno shot a Black man from behind, court records show, the Rochester cop had drawn at least 23 misconduct complaints in nearly nine years on the force.

One came from a woman who said Ferrigno, a burly hockey p…

Key findings from series on Silvon Simmons, who was shot by Rochester police · 2020

ROCHESTER, NY — The man who was shot by a Rochester police officer in 2016 in what police alleged was a gunfire exchange, is now the subject of a three-part investigative series.

Reuters published a three-part narrative on the April 2016 sh…


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