Incident 375: Thai Wallet App's Facial Recognition Errors Created Registration Issues for Government Programs

Description: A Thai wallet app failed to recognize people’s faces, resulting in citizens and disproportionately elders unable to sign up for Thai government’s cash handout and co-pay programs or having to wait in long queues at local ATMs for authentication.
Alleged: Krungthai Bank developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Thai citizens and elder Thai citizens.

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Suriyawongkul, Arthit. (2019-09-29) Incident Number 375. in Lam, K. (ed.) Artificial Intelligence Incident Database. Responsible AI Collaborative.

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Yesterday (3 Oct. 2019), the news reporter reported that Facebook user Cha Lisa Aei posted a picture with the message. that the new dimension of waiting for a queue to scan #tasting, shopping, which is found to be a picture of the villagers in Buriram Use your shoes to wait in line in front of Krung Thai Bank. which the poster stated that it is a problem that the registrants of the tasting shopping project use Faces cannot be scanned for identification via the wallet application. therefore had to contact Krung Thai Bank

Thai PBS Online investigates that there are Twitter users. Many that tell about problems encountered, such as Twitter users @SaoThungsong, a lot of problems, scan cards, scan faces, #shop, taste, use

while user G-Strong @jeeranan_mk said that it was more difficult to assert Some people can't go down, they don't want to. Some people can't be serious that they will not take it, assuming, for fun, without any baseline.

There are 30 million people who don't confirm their rights. This money here goes back to the state or where did it go? Anyone who knows the information can tell us. But we really don't know #shop, taste, use

Twitter user section 이미@tammemie stated that before he could verify his identity because when checking his face, tie his hair and wear glasses Invalid system Let me take off my glasses Make a face like an ID card I can confirm it. #Shop, taste, use.

While another Twitter user @bbam_98 said that if we scan the page and the balance in the app is still 0, right? or am I the only one? Is it right? #Shop and taste it.

Twitter user @MaiAchja Specify who gets something like this. What should I do? #Shop, taste, use.

Some Twitter users said that when they saw a picture of a sleep-deprived mother. Refresh your phone for hours to get the 1000 from the shopping and tasting program. angry at the whole policy Angry at the damn website and then get angry at being deceived until people like Mae Gu and many other mothers believe that this money is a free item that should not be missed. must be able to get

Face scanning technique to pass through

For problems, the system will not scan faces due to faces. Hairstyle is different from ID card. may affect the audit. to prevent wearing rights Make it not verify your identity through a face scan. Please go to the nearby Krung Thai branch. for staff to help

There is a recommendation that if you want to scan your face, there are techniques as follows.

  • The light must not be too dark or too bright.
  • Face position (When scanning) The head must be in the upper frame. The chin must be in the frame below.
  • Face scanning distance: Hold still for about 3 seconds.
  • Scan ID card
  • The condition of the ID card is not clear, there is a mark to contact the bank branch. for officials to perform
The queue is overflowing! use a line of shoes Can't scan faces through "Taste, Shop, Use"

According to the topic of the post. The mouse's face is not scanned by half. not passing by sitting and doing it every day I couldn't do it until I had to come to the bank.

thought it would end but no Banks can't scan either. At first, I scanned through it and used it for a while.

The app has to update. After updating, I have to verify myself again. I have only used 500.

There are still 4000 left, this is equal to our rights, right? Because the bank can't do it.

Can't scan half of each person's face, what should I do? Contacted the bank and the bank was unable to scan again. So are we disqualified?

Digital Economy Base 03 Feb 2022 time 2:30 13.4k

Stick to ** "half-person phase 4"** for old people who have confirmed their rights and have started spending with participating stores since February 1, the past.

As for new people who have to register on February 10, this coming. after registration The next step is to verify your identity through the Bao Tang app, but some people have questions about the case. "Scan a page in the app. Bao Tang didn't pass" What should I do? The economic base is gathered here.

Face scan failed, how to proceed?

  1. Remove app, reinstall And do the transaction again by checking as follows:
  2. Check the Internet signal
  3. Check if the light is bright enough or not. The background is an open space.
  4. Try scanning the new page by taking a picture of your ID card in a well-lit place. and no shadow on the face of the card and take a picture of the face Shoot in a well-lit place, not too dark or too bright. Keep the face within the specified frame.
  5. If the face scan fails or authentication fails Bring your ID card to verify your identity at an ATM of Krung Thai Bank. You can find more than 3,000 ATMs that support identity verification nationwide.
  6. How to find an ATM: Go to Google Maps app > Search box, type "Krungthai ATM, verify your identity or bring your ID card to contact Krungthai branches that are convenient to verify your identity.
  7. You can contact 02-111-1122 24 hours a day to check the status of the privileges.
Half a person, phase 4, can't scan the page. What should I do? This can help.