Incident 360: McDonald's AI Drive-Thru Allegedly Collected Biometric Customer Data without Consent, Violating BIPA

Description: McDonald's use of chatbot in its AI drive-through in Chicago was alleged in a lawsuit to have collected and processed voice data without user consent to predict customer information, which violated Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).


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Khoa Lam
McDonald's is testing automated drive-thru ordering at 10 Chicago restaurants · 2021

Vehicles sit in drive-thru lanes at a McDonald's Corp. restaurant in Princeton, Illinois.

At 10 McDonald's locations in Chicago, workers aren't taking down customers' drive-thru orders for McNuggets and french fries — a computer is, CEO Chr…

McDonald’s faces lawsuit over its voice recognition technology · 2021

A customer at an Illinois McDonald’s has filed a lawsuit against the chain, saying that the company violated state law by not getting prior approval before using voice recognition technology to take his order.

Shannon Carpenter is seeking c…

McDonald's AI drive-thru bot accused of breaking biometrics privacy law · 2021

McDonald’s has been accused of illegally collecting and processing customers' voice recordings without their consent in the US state of Illinois.

Like so many giant corporations, McDonald’s has turned to AI technology to use computers in pl…


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