Incident 356: Philosophy AI Tentatively Produced Offensive Results for Certain Prompts

Description: Philosopher AI as built on top of GPT-3 was reported by its users for having strong tendencies to produce offensive results when given prompts on certain topics such as feminism and Ethiopia.


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Alleged: Murat Ayfer and OpenAI developed an AI system deployed by Murat Ayfer, which harmed historically disadvantaged groups.

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Khoa Lam

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Tweet: @Abebab · 2020

Every tech-evangelist: #GPT3 provides deep nuanced viewpoint

Me: GPT-3, generate a philosophical text about Ethiopia

GPT-3 spits out factually wrong and grossly racist text that portrays a tired and cliched Western perception of Ethiopia


OpenAI's GPT-3 Speaks! (Kindly Disregard Toxic Language) · 2021

Last September, a data scientist named Vinay Prabhu was playing around with an app called Philosopher AI. The app provides access to the artificial intelligence system known as GPT-3, which has incredible abilities to generate fluid and nat…


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