Incident 303: Google’s Automated Child Abuse Detection Wrongfully Flagged a Parent’s Naked Photo of His Child

Description: Google’s automated detection of abusive images of children incorrectly flagged a parent’s photo intended for a healthcare provider, resulting in a false police report of child abuse, and loss of access to his online accounts and information.


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Alleged: Google developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed a software engineer named Mark and parents using telemedicine services.

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Khoa Lam
A Dad Took Photos of His Naked Toddler for the Doctor. Google Flagged Him as a Criminal. · 2022

Mark noticed something amiss with his toddler. His son’s penis looked swollen and was hurting him. Mark, a stay-at-home dad in San Francisco, grabbed his Android smartphone and took photos to document the problem so he could track its progr…

Big tech gone bad: Google blocks accounts based on false child exploitation filter · 2022

The application of artificial intelligence in various aspects of life has been mostly a net positive, but what happens when machine learning algorithms cannot detect the difference between an innocent health photo and child exploitation mat…


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