Incident 183: Airbnb's Trustworthiness Algorithm Allegedly Banned Users without Explanation, and Discriminated against Sex Workers

Description: Airbnb allegedly considered publicly available data on users to gauge their trustworthiness via algorithmic assessment of personality and behavioral traits, resulting in unexplained bans and discriminatory bans against sex workers.


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Alleged: Airbnb and Trooly developed an AI system deployed by Airbnb, which harmed sex workers and Airbnb users.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam
EPIC Files Complaint with FTC about Airbnb’s Secret “Trustworthiness” Scores · 2020

EPIC has filed a complaint with the FTC, alleging that Airbnb has committed unfair and deceptive practices in violation of the FTC Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Airbnb secretly rates customers “trustworthiness" based on a patent th…

Is Airbnb using an algorithm to ban users from the platform? · 2022

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The US-based platform has become a …

Airbnb blasted for using algorithm that judges if users are ‘trustworthy’ · 2022

Airbnb may be using automated decision making to boot users from the short-term rental platform, based on factors like social media, employment history and your IP address.

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Banned from Airbnb with no explanation? Here’s why · 2022

Airbnb may be digging through users’ old social media posts to keep people it deems untrustworthy off the site.

If the algorithm it uses doesn't like what it sees, it seems users can be rejected without explanation.

That’s what happened to …

Could you be banned from Airbnb for your Instagram posts? · 2022

An investigation by the Australian consumer rights organisation, Choice, has found that the online accommodation marketplace Airbnb is secretly collecting users’ personal data to assess whether they are trustworthy enough to make a booking.…

Tweet: @bethanyhallam · 2022

Did I just… get a lifetime @Airbnb booking ban for a 9 year old possession charge?!? 🤯


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