Incident 162: ETS Used Allegedly Flawed Voice Recognition Evidence to Accuse and Assess Scale of Cheating, Causing Thousands to be Deported from the UK

Description: International testing organization ETS admits voice recognition as evidence of cheating for thousands of previous TOEIC test-takers that reportedly included wrongfully accused people, causing them to be deported without an appeal process or seeing their incriminating evidence.


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Alleged: ETS developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed UK ETS past test takers , UK ETS test takers and UK Home Office.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

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The English test that ruined thousands of lives · 2022

A BBC investigation has raised fresh doubts about the evidence used to throw thousands of people out of the UK for allegedly cheating in an English language test.

Whistleblower testimony and official documents obtained by Newsnight reveal t…


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