UK Home Office

Incidents involved as both Developer and Deployer

Incident 3364 Reports
UK Home Office's Sham Marriage Detection Algorithm Reportedly Flagged Certain Nationalities Disproportionately


UK Home Office's opaque algorithm to detect sham marriages flagged some nationalities for investigation more than others, raising fears surrounding discrimination based on nationality and age.


Incident 871 Report
UK passport photo checker shows bias against dark-skinned women


UK passport photo checker shows bias against dark-skinned women.


Incidents Harmed By

Incident 1621 Report
ETS Used Allegedly Flawed Voice Recognition Evidence to Accuse and Assess Scale of Cheating, Causing Thousands to be Deported from the UK


International testing organization ETS admits voice recognition as evidence of cheating for thousands of previous TOEIC test-takers that reportedly included wrongfully accused people, causing them to be deported without an appeal process or seeing their incriminating evidence.


Incidents involved as Developer

Incident 3358 Reports
UK Visa Streamline Algorithm Allegedly Discriminated Based on Nationality


UK Home Office's algorithm to assess visa application risks explicitly considered nationality, allegedly caused candidates to face more scrutiny and discrimination.


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