Incident 141: California Police Turned on Music to Allegedly Trigger Instagram’s DCMA to Avoid Being Live-Streamed

Description: A police officer in Beverly Hills played copyrighted music on his phone when realizing that his interactions were being recorded on a livestream, allegedly hoping the Instagram's automated copyright detection system to end or mute the stream.


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Alleged: Instagram developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Sennett Devermont and Beverly Hills citizens.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

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Known AI Goal

Copyrighted Content Detection

Potential AI Technology

Acoustic Fingerprint, Spectrogram

Known AI Technical Failure

Adversarial Data, Gaming Vulnerability

Potential AI Technical Failure

Lack of Adversarial Robustness, Black Box

Beverly Hills cops try to weaponize Instagram’s algorithms in failed attempt to thwart live streamers · 2021

We don’t know if Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) Sergeant Billy Fair practices Santeria (or owns a crystal ball), but we know he listens to the Sublime song of the same name. We know this because he’s become a viral sensation on Inst…

Is This Beverly Hills Cop Playing Sublime’s ‘Santeria’ to Avoid Being Live-Streamed? · 2021

Last Friday, a man entered the Beverly Hills police department, only to be treated to a mini DJ set that could potentially get his Instagram account banned.

Sennett Devermont was at the department to file a form to obtain body camera footag…


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