Incident 126: Three Robots Collided, Sparking Fire in a Grocer's Warehouse in UK

Description: A collision involving three robots at an Ocado's warehouse in Erith, UK, resulting in a fire but no reports of injuries.


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Alleged: Ocado developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Ocado.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam
Major fire breaks out at Ocado warehouse after three robots collide · 2021

Ocado has apologised to customers for cancelling their orders after a major warehouse fire broke out when three robots collided.

Around 100 firefighters and 15 fire engines tackled the blaze at the three-storey depot in Erith, south London,…

Robots Collide, Causing Fire at Online-Only Grocer in UK · 2021

Ocado had to cancel orders and shut down the facility for a few days.

Robots may be the future of order fulfillment (and cleaning and gardening), but there's still a long way to go before it's completely safe to rely on them. Online grocer …

A robot collision sparked a fire at the UK's top online grocer · 2021

Robots are credited with boosting efficiency in some industrial use cases. But, as a major UK grocery service just found out, that doesn't mean they're not accident-prone like humans. Ocado — which competes with Amazon Fresh — has been forc…

Robot Collision Sets London Warehouse Ablaze, Delays Orders · 2021

Online-only grocer Ocado was forced to cancel some customers’ orders last week following a fire at its London warehouse. This marks the second fire Ocado has experienced at one of its warehouses; this time, a three-robot collision is to bla…


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