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Incident 3082 Reports
Atlas Robot Fell off Stage at Conference


Boston Dynamics’s autonomous robot Atlas allegedly caught its foot on a stage light, resulting in a fall off the stage at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders conference.


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Incident 1361 Report
Brand Safety Tech Firms Falsely Claimed Use of AI, Blocking Ads Using Simple Keyword Lists


Brand safety tech firms falsely claimed use of AI, blocking ads using simple keyword lists.


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Incident 1072 Reports
Chinese Tech Firms Allegedly Developed Facial Recognition to Identify People by Race, Targeting Uyghur Muslims


Various Chinese firms were revealed by patent applications to have developed facial recognition capable of detecting people by race, which critics feared would enable persecution and discrimination of Uyghur Muslims.


Incident 2521 Report
Remotely Operated Taser-Armed Drones Proposed by Taser Manufacturer as Defense for School Shootings in the US


Axon Enterprise considered development of remotely operated drones capable of tasering at a target a short distance away as a defense mechanism for mass shootings, despite its internal AI ethics board’s previous objection and condemnation as dangerous and fantastical.


Incident 2871 Report
OpenAI’s GPT-3 Reported as Unviable in Medical Tasks by Healthcare Firm


The French digital care company, Nabla, in researching GPT-3’s capabilities for medical documentation, diagnosis support, and treatment recommendation, found its inconsistency and lack of scientific and medical expertise unviable and risky in healthcare applications. This incident has been downgraded to an issue as it does not meet current ingestion criteria.


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