Incident 631: Chatbot for DPD Malfunctioned and Swore at Customers and Criticized Its Own Company

Description: DPD's AI chatbot, used for customer service, appeared to malfunction following a system update, leading to inappropriate responses including swearing and criticizing the company. The incident, which became viral on social media, occurred after the chatbot was updated, prompting DPD to disable the malfunctioning AI component.


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Alleged: DPD developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed DPD and Ashley Beauchamp.

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Daniel Atherton
DPD error caused chatbot to swear at customer · 2024

DPD has disabled part of its online support chatbot after it swore at a customer.

The parcel delivery firm uses artificial intelligence (AI) in its online chat to answer queries, in addition to human operators.

But a new update caused it to…

AI Customer Service Bot Disabled After Trashing Company Using It · 2024

The UK-based package delivery service DPD has disabled parts of its AI chatbot service after the bot was caught swearing at customers and even insulting DPD, multiple outlets have reported.

DPD's trouble began late last week when a musician…


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