Incident 629: Shein Accused of AI-Driven Art Theft on Merchandise

Description: Artists Krista Perry, Larissa Martinez, and Jay Baron filed a lawsuit against Shein, alleging the company used AI to replicate their art on merchandise. The artists claim Shein's algorithm identifies trending online art, creating near-identical copies for their products without credit or compensation.


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Alleged: Shein developed an AI system deployed by Shein and Chris Xu, which harmed Krista Perry , Larissa Martinez , Jay Baron and digital artists.

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Daniel Atherton
Digital Artists Accuse Shein of Using AI to Recreate Art on Merchandise in Lawsuit · 2023

Three artists have accused fast-fashion online retailer Shein of deploying an algorithm to recreate their designs on merchandise, bolstering concerns around artificial intelligence infringing on intellectual property.

In a lawsuit against S…

Designers sue Shein over AI ripoffs of their work · 2023

A group of designers are suing Shein, the Chinese fast-fashion firm reportedly valued at $66 billion, for allegedly stealing independent artists’ works “over and over again, as part of a long and continuous pattern of racketeering.”

The des…


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