Incident 536: NJ Transit's Use of Modeling Software Miscalculated Storm Surge Threat Level

Description: New Jersey Transit's use of a federal government storm modeling software underestimated the threat of storm surges to the Meadows Maintenance Complex, leaving millions of dollars worth of equipment in the rail yard before Hurricane Sandy struck.


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Alleged: National Weather Service developed an AI system deployed by New Jersey Transit, which harmed New Jersey Transit and New Jersey Transit passengers.

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Khoa Lam
Exclusive: Readying for Sandy, NJ Transit erred in modeling storm · 2013

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New Jersey Transit incorrectly used federal government software that otherwise could have warned officials against a disastrous decision to leave hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment in a low-lying rail ya…

How New Jersey Transit Failed Sandy's Test · 2013

On the weekend before Sandy thundered into New Jersey, transit officials studied a map showing bright green and orange blocks. On the map, the area where most New Jersey Transit trains were being stored showed up as orange – or dry. So keep…


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