Incident 529: Stable Diffusion Exhibited Biases for Prompts Featuring Professions

Description: Stable Diffusion reportedly posed risks of bias and stereotyping along gender and cultural lines for prompts containing descriptors and professions.


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Alleged: Stability AI , Runway , LAION , EleutherAI and CompVis LMU developed an AI system deployed by Stability AI, which harmed racial minority groups , Women and gender minority groups.

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Khoa Lam
AI Image Generators Routinely Display Gender and Cultural Bias · 2022

This image was created with Stable Diffusion and listed on Shutterstock. While the AI is capable of drawing abstract images, it has inherent biases in the way it displays actual human faces based on users' prompts. (Image: Fernando_Garcia, …

Humans Are Biased. Generative AI Is Even Worse · 2023

The world according to Stable Diffusion is run by White male CEOs. Women are rarely doctors, lawyers or judges. Men with dark skin commit crimes, while women with dark skin flip burgers.

Stable Diffusion generates images using artificial in…

Tweet: @Leonardonclt · 2023

🚨 Generative AI has a serious problem with bias 🚨 Over months of reporting, @dinabass and I looked at thousands of images from @StableDiffusion and found that text-to-image AI takes gender and racial stereotypes to extremes worse than in …


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