Incident 458: Robot Destroyed while Hitchhiking through the United States

Description: A non-actuated conversational robot that previously asked people to move it across Canada was destroyed shortly after beginning its attempt to replicate the journey across the United States.


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Alleged: Frauke Zeller and David Harris developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Frauke Zeller and David Harris.

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Sean McGregor

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HitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot, gets beheaded in Philadelphia · 2015

The goal was for the robot to make it all the way across the United States

This is why we can’t have nice hitchhiking robots.

HitchBOT, the cheerful hitchhiking robot that had made cross-country trips across Canada, the Netherlands and Germ…


A "variant" is an incident that shares the same causative factors, produces similar harms, and involves the same intelligent systems as a known AI incident. Rather than index variants as entirely separate incidents, we list variations of incidents under the first similar incident submitted to the database. Unlike other submission types to the incident database, variants are not required to have reporting in evidence external to the Incident Database. Learn more from the research paper.