Incident 441: Korea Developed ID Screening System Using Airport Travelers' Data without Consent

Description: Korean government's development of immigration screening system involving real-time facial recognition used airport travelers' data which was supplied by the Ministry of Justice without consent.


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Khoa Lam
[Exclusive] The government handed over 170 million face photos of immigration to AI companies · 2021

It has been confirmed that the government has handed over 170 million domestic and foreign face photos to private companies for the purpose of developing artificial intelligence (AI) to be used in immigration screening. Face, which is biome…

Seoul shares face biometrics of 170M travelers with private firms · 2021

The South Korean government shared roughly 170 million face images of citizens and resident foreign nationals with the private sector without their consent to be used in training and testing biometric algorithms, according to a recent Minis…

“The face is ‘one-of-a-kind’ information”… Civil society demands to stop 'AI identification tracking' · 2021

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Science and ICT (Ministry of Science and Technology) are promoting a project to build an 'artificial intelligence identification tracking system' using facial photos of Koreans and foreigners, and…

Rights groups demand halt to South Korea facial recognition surveillance project · 2021

A project intended to develop an artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition system to be used for airport immigration purposes, spearheaded by South Korea’s Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Science and Information and Communi…

South Korea Is Giving Millions of Photos to Facial Recognition Researchers · 2021

The South Korean Ministry of Justice has provided more than 100 million photos of foreign nationals who travelled through the country’s airports to facial recognition companies without their consent, according to attorneys with the non-gove…


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