Incident 436: Tesla Driver Put Car on Autopilot Before Falling Asleep in Germany

Description: A Tesla driver fell asleep on an Autobahn near Bamberg, Germany after activating his vehicle's Autopilot mode, which did not respond to attempts to pull it over by the police.


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Alleged: Tesla developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed traffic participants.

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Khoa Lam
Tesla driver sleeps in autopilot mode · 2022

A70/ BAMBERG. On Wednesday afternoon, a patrol from the Bamberg traffic police checked a 45-year-old Tesla driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel with the autopilot activated. The man also showed drug-typical abnormalities. After consult…

Driver sleeps at the wheel: car on autopilot on the A70 · 2022

A police vehicle tried in vain for minutes to stop a Tesla driver on the A70 in the Bamberg district over a distance of six kilometers. Only after several attempts did the sleepy road user, who now has to answer for endangering road traffic…

Tesla driver drives asleep on the freeway · 2022

A curious incident occurred in Bavaria on the A70: An e-car driver drove in autonomous driving mode on the A70. The police officers tried to wake him up for more than 15 minutes.

Police officers noticed a car on the A70 near Bamberg. A Tesl…

Tesla on Autopilot stopped by police after driver falls asleep behind the wheel · 2022

A rather strange incident transpired recently on the Autobahn near Bamberg, Germany. While patrolling the area, police noticed a Tesla, seemingly with Autopilot engaged, traveling while its driver was asleep. It took 15 minutes before the a…

Tesla on autopilot pulled over by police after driver falls asleep behind the wheel · 2023

A rather strange incident recently happened on the autobahn near Bamberg, Germany. While patrolling the area, police noticed a Tesla apparently traveling on autopilot while its driver slept. It took 15 minutes for the all-electric vehicle t…

Police in Germany chase Tesla for 15 minutes after driver turns on autopilot and 'goes to sleep' · 2023

A Tesla driver in Germany has been accused of giving the 'auto' in autobahn a new meaning, by putting his car in control as he slept at the wheel.

Police claim the driver switched on his Tesla's autopilot feature, reclined his seat and caug…

Tesla on autopilot leads police on chase before driver finally wakes up · 2023

BAMBERG, Germany - A driver in Germany had his license taken away after he appeared to have fallen asleep behind the wheel of his Tesla which was on autopilot and lead police on a chase. 

On Dec. 29 at about 12 p.m. local time, police spott…

Tesla Autopilot flees police in Germany after driver fell asleep · 2023

Telsa Inc.’s self-driving Autopilot functionality has been found to have a new feature: fleeing from the law. Police in Germany were forced to give chase recently after a Model 3 refused to stop at a checkpoint.

The incident occurred on an …

Police Chase Tesla On Autobahn After Driver Turns On Autopilot And Falls Asleep · 2023

Somewhere near Bamberg, Germany, police spotted a Tesla some 15 minutes after initiating a traffic stop. Authorities say that the man at the wheel had his seat reclined and had been asleep while the Tesla drove itself. They also say that th…


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