Incident 425: State Farm Allegedly Discriminated against Black Customers in Claim Payout

Description: State Farm's automated claims processing method was alleged in a class action lawsuit to have disproportionately against Black policyholders when paying out insurance claims.


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Alleged: State Farm developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Black State Farm customers.

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Khoa Lam

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New Suit Uses Data to Back Racial Bias Claims Against State Farm · 2022

Jacqueline Huskey, a Black woman living in suburban Illinois, tried more than a dozen times to get help from State Farm after a hailstorm punched holes in her roof. Now, thanks to a broad study of how the insurer handles claims like hers, s…

State Farm accused of making it harder for Black customers to get payouts · 2022

CHICAGO (CN) — Black home insurance policyholders brought a federal class action against State Farm on Wednesday morning, alleging the multibillion-dollar company subjects their claims to greater scrutiny than it does those of white clients…


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