Incident 416: Facebook's Job Ad Algorithm Allegedly Biased against Older and Female Workers

Description: Facebook's algorithm was alleged in a complaint by Real Women in Trucking to have selectively shown job advertisements disproportionately against older and female workers in favor of younger men for blue-collar positions.


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Alleged: Meta Platforms and Facebook developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Real Women in Trucking and older female blue-collar workers.

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Khoa Lam
Are Facebook job ads discriminatory? Company accused of bias against women, older workers · 2022

female truckers association is accusing Meta Platforms of algorithmic bias, alleging its Facebook platform selectively shows job advertisements based on users' gender and age, with older workers far less likely to see ads and women far le…

Facebook Job Ads Illegally Discriminate, Female Truckers Say · 2022

Meta Platforms Inc. "routinely discriminates" in steering job ads to specific age and gender groups on its Facebook platform, a women's truckers organization alleged in a civil rights complaint.

"Facebook's algorithm regularly acts like rec…

Female truckers group alleges Facebook’s ad system is discriminatory · 2022

An advocacy group representing female truck drivers filed a complaint Thursday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging Facebook parent company Meta is steering ads for lucrative jobs away from women and older workers based…


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