Incident 349: Evolv's Gun Detection False Positives Created Problems for Schools

Description: Evolv's AI-based weapons detection system reportedly produced excessive false positives, mistaking everyday school items for weapons and pulling schools' security personnel for manual checking.


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Khoa Lam
‘The Least Safe Day’: Rollout of Gun-Detecting AI Scanners in Schools Has Been a ‘Cluster,’ Emails Show · 2022

On March 22, Jennifer Dean, the principal of Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, emailed members of her staff to tell them about a new security system being installed. Made by a Massachusetts-based company called Evolv T…

Gun Detection AI The Latest Tech To Make Schools Less Safe · 2022

We’re just going to keep getting kids killed in America. We’ll never stop throwing money in the direction of the problem, but not directly at the problem. Nothing gets safer. It just gets more budget line items.

The problem with school shoo…


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