Incident 297: EasyMile Self-Driving Shuttle Unexpectedly Stopped Mid-Route, Injuring a Passenger

Description: A self-driving shuttle deployed by Smart Columbus in Linden neighborhood unexpectedly stopped on the street, which caused a woman to fall onto the floor from her seat.


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Alleged: EasyMile developed an AI system deployed by Smart Columbus, which harmed unnamed woman passenger.

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Khoa Lam
Smart Columbus halts self-driving shuttle test after unplanned stop · 2020

Smart Columbus has parked its two self-driving shuttles in Linden after one unexpectedly stopped in the middle of a route and a woman fell from her seat onto the floor.

The shuttle had just left the Douglas Community Recreation Center on Wi…

Self-driving shuttle company ordered to stop carrying passengers after injury · 2020

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has partially suspended the US operations of France’s EasyMile after a passenger in Ohio was injured while riding in one of the company’s self-driving shuttles. EasyMile can continu…

EasyMile Self-Driving Shuttle Banned After Sudden Stop Hurts Passenger — Are Seatbelts Needed? · 2020

Recently an EasyMile self-driving shuttle operating in Columbus, Ohio came to a sudden stop from 7mph, apparently for no visible reason. A passenger seated in the shuttle fell from her seat, sustaining minor injuries. As a result, NHTSA has…


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