Incident 265: Black Uber Eats Driver Allegedly Subjected to Excessive Photo Checks and Dismissed via FRT Results

Description: A lawsuit by a former Uber Eats delivery driver alleged the company to have wrongfully dismissed him due to frequent false mismatches of his verification selfies, and discriminated against him via excessive verification checks.


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Alleged: Uber Eats developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Pa Edrissa Manjang and Uber Eats Black delivery drivers.

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Khoa Lam

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Uber Eats treats drivers as ‘numbers not humans’, says dismissed UK courier · 2022

A delivery driver who is suing Uber Eats in London over his dismissal from the company and claims its facial recognition technology is racially biased says the company treats couriers as “numbers rather than humans”.

Pa Edrissa Manjang work…

Courier sues Uber Eats over 'racist' facial recognition dismissal · 2022

A former Uber Eats courier has brought legal action against the food delivery company, alleging he was unfairly dismissed because of the company’s “racist” facial recognition software.

Uber Eats drivers are required to take a selfie before …


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