Incident 226: Waze Allegedly Clogged Streets and Directed Drivers to Make Unsafe Traffic Decisions

Description: For years, Waze has, in an attempt to cut travel times, allegedly caused more traffic and guided drivers to make unsafe and often un-permitted traffic decisions, which was described by a Los Angeles city council member as a threat to public safety.


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Alleged: Waze developed and deployed an AI system, which harmed Sherman Oaks residents , Waze users and Los Angeles city government.

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Khoa Lam
Sherman Oaks residents blame Waze navigation app for clogging streets · 2017

Each week, Thomas and Diane Vicari head down the hill from their Sherman Oaks home to take their grandchildren to school.

So both were shocked to learn of city plans to block their street each day during rush hour to stop a horde of smartph…

Why Some Cities Have Had Enough of Waze · 2018

Thomas Nehren never knew what to expect when he was on the road in his hometown of Salt Lake City. Whether it was speed traps, accidents or road construction, he too often found himself on the wrong street at the wrong time, when a differen…

LA City Council Seeks Solutions to Waze Traffic on Side Streets · 2018

With mobile traffic applications such as Waze causing a dangerous flood of traffic to be funneled onto tiny Los Angeles side streets, the Los Angeles City Council is expected to vote on a proposal Tuesday that will develop ways to curb the …


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