Incident 211: A Tesla Taxi Cab Involved in an Accident in Paris with Twenty Injuries

Description: In Paris, about 20 people were injured in an accident involving a Tesla Model 3 taxi cab which was reportedly caused by a sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) episode and braking issues.


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Alleged: Tesla developed an AI system deployed by Taxis G7, which harmed pedestrians.

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Khoa Lam
Tesla Model 3 Taxi Cab Accident Hurts About 20 People in Paris Due to Braking Issues · 2021

A Tesla Model 3 taxi cab got involved in a severe accident in Paris. The first official information about it is that the cause was an SUA (sudden unintended acceleration) episode and braking issues. About 20 people got hurt, five of them wi…

Paris taxi firm suspends use of Tesla cars after fatal accident · 2021

PARIS, Dec 14 (Reuters) - Leading Paris taxi company G7 has suspended the use of all Tesla Model 3 cars in its fleet after a serious accident with one of the cars at the weekend, it said on Tuesday.

A company executive said that the 37 Tesl…

Tesla Model 3 fleet suspended by major Paris taxi firm after fatal accident · 2021

Tesla, the electric-vehicle company, is facing fresh scrutiny of its popular Model 3 sedans in France following a fatal weekend crash.

G7, a top Paris taxi firm, said it had temporarily suspended its fleet of 37 Tesla Model 3s after an off-…

Paris taxi company suspending use of Teslas after fatal accident · 2021

On Saturday, an off-duty G7 taxi driver was en route to a restaurant with his family when a collision killed one person and injured 20 others, Reuters reported.

It was not apparent if the car’s autopilot mode was activated at the time of th…

Paris crash Tesla driver says car accelerated on its own - lawyer · 2021

PARIS, Dec 16 (Reuters) - The lawyer for a taxi driver involved in a fatal accident in Paris at the weekend said the driver's Tesla Model 3 vehicle had accelerated on its own and that its brakes had not worked.

Paris taxi company G7 suspend…

Tesla told France there was no sign of technical fault in Paris crash · 2021

PARIS, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) has told the French government there is no indication that a fatal accident in Paris involving a Tesla Model 3 taxi was caused by a technical fault, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.


What we know so far about the fatal Tesla crash in Paris · 2021

French authorities are currently investigating the accident in which a Tesla vehicle hit a cyclist and pedestrians before crashing into a van.

Officials in Paris, France are working to determine the cause of an accident last Saturday involv…


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