Incident 210: Indian Political App Tek Fog Allegedly Hijacked Trends and Manipulated Public Opinion on Other Social Media Platforms

Description: The Indian political social media app Tek Fog allegedly allowed operatives affiliated with the ruling political party to hijack social media trends and manipulate public opinion on other apps such as Twitter and WhatsApp, which opposition parties denounced as a national security threat.


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Khoa Lam
Right-wing Indians have their own app to manipulate WhatsApp and Twitter · 2022

Social media operatives apparently affiliated to India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) use a specialized app to hijack Twitter trends, harass critics, and spread propaganda through defunct WhatsApp accounts, according to a new investi…

Tek Fog: An App With BJP Footprints for Cyber Troops to Automate Hate, Manipulate Trends · 2022

The Wire investigates claims behind the use of ‘Tek Fog’, a highly sophisticated app used by online operatives to hijack major social media and encrypted messaging platforms and amplify right-wing propaganda to a domestic audience.

New Delh…

India’s Tek Fog Shrouds an Escalating Political War · 2022

Technology is being used against the people, and those in the world’s largest democracy are the latest victims.

For much of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nearly eight years in power, the relationship between social media platforms, journal…


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