Incident 184: Facial Recognition Program in São Paulo Metro Stations Suspended for Illegal and Disproportionate Violation of Citizens’ Right to Privacy

Description: A facial recognition program rolled out by São Paulo Metro Stations was suspended following a court ruling in response to a lawsuit by civil society organizations, who cited fear of it being integrated with other electronic surveillance entities without consent, and lack of transparency about the biometric data collection process of metro users.


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Alleged: SecurOS developed an AI system deployed by Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo, which harmed São Paulo Metro users and São Paulo citizens.

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Sean McGregor, Khoa Lam

Incident Reports

São Paulo subway ordered to suspend use of facial recognition · 2022

The company responsible for running the São Paulo metro system was ordered to suspend the use of facial recognition technology.

According to the decision issued on Tuesday by judge Cynthia Thome at the São Paulo State Court, Companhia do Me…

Court orders suspension of facial recognition use in São Paulo metro · 2022

A court in São Paulo has called for a halt in the implementation of a facial recognition system in the city’s metro stations, writes ZDNet.

Judge Cynthia Thome of the São Paulo State Court recently made the ruling in response to a suit file…

Court orders suspension of use of facial recognition in São Paulo metro · 2022

A court in São Paulo has asked for the execution of a facial recognition system to be stopped in the city's train stations, composes ZDNet.

Judge Cynthia Thome of the São Paulo State Court of São Paulo recently issued her decision in respon…


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