AIID Governance


There is a broad base of interest in the AIID as a research and industrial tool. The development of the incident index is managed in a participatory manner by persons and organizations contributing code and incidents. The AIID is supported by the Partnership on AI (PAI) and many of the contributors to the project are associated with partner organizations. The following positions currently exist on the project,


People that have contributed significant time and resources to the project.

PAI Staff

Staff members at the Partnership on AI developing the project.

  • Christine Custis
  • Jingying Yang (emeritus)

Open Source Contributors

People that have contributed more than one pull request to the code base.

  • César Varela
  • Alex Muscă
  • JT McHorse
  • Seth Reid (AI Forum of New Zealand)

Incident Editors

People that resolve incident submissions to the database.

  • Sean McGregor (XPRIZE Foundation)

Taxonomy Editors

Organizations or people that have contributed taxonomies to the database.

Incident Contributors

People that have contributed a large numbers of incidents to the database.

  • Kate Perkins (Intel)
  • Roman Lutz (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, formerly Microsoft)
  • Patrick Hall (Burt and Hall LLP)
  • Sam Yoon (as contractor to PAI, now with Deloitte Consulting)
  • Catherine Olsson (Google)
  • Roman Yampolskiy (University of Louisville)

The following people have collected a large number of incidents that are pending ingestion.

  • Zachary Arnold, Helen Toner, Ingrid Dickinson, Thomas Giallella, and Nicolina Demakos (Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Georgetown)
  • Charlie Pownall via AI, algorithmic and automation incident and controversy repository (AIAAIC)
  • Lawrence Lee, Darlena Phuong Quyen Nguyen, Iftekhar Ahmed (UC Irvine)

There is a growing community of people concerned with the collection and characterization of AI incidents, and we encourage everyone to contribute to the development of this system.

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