Initial Collection Methodology

The aviation industry in the United States is required by law to report incidents and accidents to the Federal Aviation Administration. There is no compulsory reporting requirement for intelligent systems, so the AIID is built on the incidents that have gained sufficient notoriety to be covered in either the popular or the research press. As a result, you should consider the database to be representative of "public incidents", rather than all incidents that are known to have occured throughout the artificial intelligence industry.

The current database is dominated by the initial collection of incident reports, which were assembled with the following methodology by research assistant Sam Yoon,

  • An initial set of links were assembled by Yampolski and Olsson.
  • The links indicated key words to find related results in a series of Google searches.
  • Potentially relevant links in the top three pages of Google search results were opened and read to see whether they have quality information about the event described by the sources. If relevant, they were added to the dataset.
  • Other relevant looking incidents that were identified during the search process were included in the data set
  • There were certain types of results that were not included because they were either hypothetical, academic and/or did not cause real harm